Due to a shortfall in financial support for the VIIRS boat detection (VBD) product - the Earth Observation Group is converting near-realtime access to a paid subscription service. Subscription services can be for global data or for a smaller area of interest. Alert services can be added to a subscription.
The subscription fees will be used to cover staff time for VBD product generation and R&D for VBD product improvement. Planned R&D efforts include:

This new plan will begin on December 1st, 2019. The price for near-realtime data access is $67,200/year, and regional is $14,175/year. Data older than 45 days will remain open access with no subscription required.
For further information or to set up a subscription for near real time VIIRS boat detection data - please contact Chris Elvidge at celvidge[at]mines.edu.

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